Enrolment agreement, terms & conditions

Next to You is an exclusive rewards programme, available to all Brian&Barry and Double B customers. Enrolling in the programme is free of charge.


As a Next to You member (hereinafter “the Member”), you will be entitled to the following special rewards and services in every Brian&Barry and Double B:

• 1 reward point is earned for every euro paid:

1.000 euros spent = 1,000 points = 5% discount
2.000 euros spent = 2,000 points = 10% discount
3.000 euros spent = 3,000 points = 15% discount

The discount percentage will apply to the next purchase made after the points are collected, in every Brian&Barry (1) store.

ADDITIONAL 10% DISCOUNT will be awarded, during your entire birthday month, starting from the year following your enrolment in the Next to You programme (2);
FREE TAILORING SERVICES, according to the specific terms of use (3).
ADVANTAGES partners at “12 • The BRIAN&BARRY BUILDING SAN BABILA”, Milan, Via Durini 28:
– 10% at Ham Holy Burger (3rd floor)
– 10% at Rossopomodoro (4th floor)
– 10% dining at ASOLA – Cucina Sartoriale restaurant
• EXCLUSIVE PROMOTION: private invitations to buy our products at special prices.

Rewards may be redeemed until the 31st of December of the year following their allocation.

Enrolling in the Next to You programme is easy: you can register in every Brian&Barry and Double B store simply activating the Bluetooth on your mobile device, making it visible to other devices: this will allow you to access your rewards by simply placing the device on the Bluetooth reader next to the cash register (4).

Following the registration to Next to You and with your consent, we will send you marketing communications regarding our new collections and products, as well as selected offers, believing you may benefit from receiving such communications (you have the right to revoke your consent at any time).

By enrolling in the Next to You programme, you (the Member) hereby accept the following terms and conditions.

Terms & Conditions

These Terms & Conditions are an agreement between you, the Member and BBB S.p.A. based in Via Lancetti 28, 20100 Milan (Italy):
• Only those who are of legal age (which means you are either legally emancipated, or have reached the age of majority as defined in your jurisdiction) and who have the ability to enter into binding contracts can join the Next to You Loyalty program;
• the rewards regulation set out under point 2) can be subject to changes: any change in the regulation shall be immediately communicated to the member by e-mail;
• enrolment in the program is valid for an indefinite period; it will be deactivated in case of non-use for 3 consecutive years, meaning not having purchased in the last three years one or more products in stores. At the end of the period, your data will be made anonymous and all your benefits will be cancelled.
• The Member can withdraw from the Next to You programme at any time, free of charge by sending an e-mail at;
o by withdrawing from the Next to You programme, the Member will forfeit the right to any discount or other services offered to the programme members; the collected points will be definitively cancelled;
• the membership in the Next to You programme is personal and cannot be transferred to third parties.
• Any misuse of the Next to You membership, including but not limited to the transfer of rights to third parties (such as purchasing items for persons other than the Member), may result in an immediate exclusion from the programme: an exclusion will cause the loss of all rights deriving from or connected to the Next to You programme, including any points and/or other discounts already earned.
• You, the Member, accept these Terms and Conditions by confirming your enrolment in the Next to You programme.
• By accepting these Terms & Conditions, you declare to have read and understood our Privacy Policy.
Any disputes arising from or in connection with this agreement and its terms & conditions will be governed by Italian law; the Courts of Milan, Italy, will have exclusive jurisdiction, except for any mandatory jurisdictional provisions contained in foreign national laws.

Last update: 25.04.2019

1. Discounts valid in all Brian & Barry stores with the exception of Double B stores; cannot be combined with any other promotions in progress except for the birthday discount.
2. Except for Double B stores.
3. For more information, please refer to the programme regulations found in the fitting rooms of our shops. This free service is not available during the seasonal sales period.
4. To better provide services and make the shopping experience even more unique, Boggi Milano has introduced a new, innovative FTF technology, the new recognition method linked to your smartphone which will replace your Privilege Card


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